Pay Per Click Services for Restoration Companies

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Using Google Ads delivers an excellent ROI with Trackable Data

Setting up a Google pay per click (PPC) campaign is complicated. You could get frustrated with the time and cost involved if you don’t know what you are doing. PPC leads can be expensive, but when the ads are optimized from day one, you’ll discover they’re one of the most cost-effective and profitable marketing tools in the industry.

At OnTarget Restoration Marketing, we thoughtfully craft ad copy around the keywords your prospects are actually searching for to get you the the best return on your investment. We also regularly monitor your analytics to ensure each ad delivers the results you want.

  • Ranking in the top spots for search terms related to water, mold, fire, asbestos, or demo in your chosen markets
  • Convert customers at a higher rate. When complimented with SEO the conversion rate is even higher
  • Tie your ads into special offers and promotions to generate more clickthroughs

Profitable Restoration Google Ads Require Blend Of Mathematics And Strategic Planning

We provide Pay Per Click marketing services to Restoration Contractors looking increase the number of jobs they do each month. We’re looking to help restoration owners build their businesses and help them grow.

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